Lesson 8: “From the Stormy Sea to the Clouds of Heaven” - 3ABN Sabbath School Panel - Q1 2020

17 Feb 2020

Daniel: (February 15 – 21, 2020)
Reading: Daniel 7, 2 Thess. 2:1–12, Rom. 8:1, Mark 13:26, Luke 9:26, 12:8, 1 Tim. 2:5.
Memory Text: “Then the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people, the saints of the Most High. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him” (Daniel 7:27, NKJV).

Sunday (Ryan Day) - “Four Animals”
Monday (John Lomacang) - “The Little Horn”
Tuesday (Shelley Quinn) - “The Court was Seated”
Wednesday (Kenny Shelton) - “The Coming of the Son of Man”
Thursday (Jill Morikone) - “The Holy Ones of the Most High”


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