“All Future Generations” | Sabbath School Panel by 3ABN - Lesson 3 Q2 2021

12 Apr 2021

Sabbath School panel discussion and insight by 3ABN pastors and teachers. This video follows 2021 quarter 2, lesson 3 of the adult Bible study guide book. This quarter's book topic is “The Promise” and this week's Sabbath School lesson is titled “All Future Generations”. Join us every week for fresh and relevant study of the word of God.

Reading: Gen. 3:6; Gen. 6:5, 11; Gen. 6:18; Gen. 9:12–17; Isa. 4:3; Rev. 12:17

Memory Text: “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Genesis 6:8).

(April 10– April 16)

Sunday (John Lomacang) - “The Sin Principle”
Monday (Ryan Day) - “The Man Noah”
Tuesday (Shelley Quinn) - “Covenant With Noah”
Wednesday (John Dinzey) - “Sign of the Rainbow”
Thursday (Jill Morikone) - "Only Noah Was Left"

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