“Sabbath Rest” | Sabbath School Panel by 3ABN - Lesson 10 Q3 2021

30 Aug 2021

Sabbath School panel discussion and insight by 3ABN pastors and teachers. This video follows 2021 quarter 3, lesson 10 of the adult Bible study guide book. This quarter's book topic is “Rest in Christ” and this week's Sabbath School lesson is titled “Sabbath Rest” Join us every week for a fresh and relevant study of the word of God.

Gen. 1:26, 27; Gen. 9:6; 2 Pet. 2:19; Rom. 6:1–7; Exod. 19:6; John 5:7–16

“Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, a holy convocation. You shall do no work on it; it is the Sabbath of the Lord in all your dwellings” (Lev. 23:3, NKJV).

(August 28–September 3)

Sunday (John Dinzey) - “Sabbath and Creation”
Monday (John Lomacang) - “Celebrating Freedom”
Tuesday (Shelley Quinn) - “The Stranger in Your Gates”
Wednesday (Ryan Day) - “Serving Others Honors God's Sabbath”
Thursday (Jill Morikone) - “The Sign That We Belong to God”

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